The Baby's Room

Do you remember I did a post (the before pictures) about fixing & decorating my home?
I was serious, and have begun very S L OW L Y to make things more pleasing to the eye in our home.

First room - The baby's room
We moved Sadie in with Lindy and I began my work.

I painted the walls, got new curtains,
put up something on each wall that has meaning to me, got a shelf for the books (love this, love this!!), and Chris moved in a yellow dresser to use as a changing table (not pictured).

This is an enlarged photo of my mom holding me, when I was a baby.

This quilt was hand sewn by my grandma.

Cute photos of each of my kids as babies.

Do you see the shelf for the books? Totally great from pottery barn kids (I splurged here.)


Janis said...

I love it! You have talent!!

Kristen said...

Love it Katie!