Where do you stash recipes you collect?

You have a stash of recipes on cards, printed from websites/blogs, jotted down from someone, ripped out of a magazine, etc.
Where do you put them all?

In a binder - on pieces of paper - that are slipped into clear protective sheets.

Years ago I saw this idea from Real Simple magazine.
I loved it, did it, and have used it now for several years. It works great.
It didn't take that long to assemble, (a great tv watching project),
and has been a huge life saver for me, our family, my kitchen, and eating favorite foods.

I use my binder more than my recipe books.

The article from the magazine was from a long time ago, it's not even on their website.
I scanned the article for you. Click on the photos to view it larger, read it better, or to print it out.

I have a large binder.

I got extra wide page dividers (they are hard to find) at an office store to clearly see the labels past
the 8.5 X 11 sheet protectors. You can even just attach some some heavy paper or card stock and put your own page dividers on the first sheet protector for that section.

Their idea of being very specific;
like a tab for rice, potatoes, salads, cookies, pies, etc. is a great, great idea.
Buy or make more tabs/page dividers than you think you'll need.

I don't like to glue the recipe on the paper, sometimes I need to remove a recipe that I only made once.
Scotch tape works best.

I don't use colored dots or colored paper like they suggested.
I do write down notes like they suggested for a recipe,
and about every 1-2 years add or take out recipes.

I do stash recipes quickly in the binder side pockets.

I didn't write down recipe titles and their page #'s from my recipe books on a list like they suggested.
But, think it's a good idea. I think I tried it, but just went to recipe book instead of the binder.



Something I need to do. My recipes (most favorites) are in a rubbermaid tub separated by catagory in ziploc bags. Other favorites are in books, on the computer--somewhere, in my spice cupboard, etc. Not a good system. Yes--this would be a good thing to do.

Kristen said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing!