Some Favorite Games

Quick, easy way to play the game. Fun for adults too!

Fun game for tweens & adults.
For smaller crowds.

You can play Gobblet in an adult version too!
Classic card game all my kids like.  You don't have to have the pet shop version,
any version (made with strong cards) will do.
The game below is Who What Where.
It is a great, great party game for a large crowd with adults.
I highly recommend.
It is a drawing game, but the fun of the game is not being able to draw.
Anyone can play; you don't have to be an artist.
Great laughs and fun!

My kids love playing Uno Attack. You press the button to draw a card.
Sometimes it spits out 1 card or 10 cards. My kids love how the machine spits cards at them.
They get the giggles every time.

Some quick updates about our family:
  • We had a nice Thanksgiving with lots of cousins. Thanks Dianne for the wonderful meal.
  • We are getting snow and more snow, and it's unusually cold!
  • I'm a full time nurse right now-Let the Cold & Flu season begin! Goopy noses, fevers, stomach stuff, aches, etc.  The true meaning of Christmas for me is warm & happiness for sickness.
  • Thankfully, I feel fine today, except the aches and pains of the last few weeks of pregnancy. I just got my flu shot, maybe that will save me??!! Maybe.
  • ***I love playing games, but find it's often hard to play with my kids - they get distracted, fight, take too long for their turn, don't want to take turns, etc.  The above games seem to go a little better than others we've tried to play. But, it's still not all bliss, even with some of our favorites.

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