Rock Band Camp

Lindy did horse camp this summer. The boys, Kyle & Tate did Rock Band Camp.
They went every day for a week for a couple of hours.
They played electric guitar, drums, tamborine, stomped to the beat, and sang loudly into a mic.
They learned the songs, "We Will Rock You" and "I love Rock and Roll"

I took some photos. The lighting was very bad in the room. As usual my photography at a child's performance is awful. I should learn my lesson to put the camera down and just listen and watch them perform.

What is Tate doing?

Then on Friday night, at the end of Rock Band camp week, as a family we watched:
I can't say it's all that family friendly of a movie. Some swear words.
I had seen it before a long time ago, just not with my kids.
But, we all got a kick out of it.
I like Jack Black.

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Kristen said...

I bet you are the coolest mom on the block, letting your kids go to rock band camp. That sounds so fun!