I've said it before, I'll say it again

I'm continually amazed - that I can barely manage to start a load of laundry each day (that does not include putting the load in the dryer, folding it and, putting it away upstairs in people's rooms), and loading the dishwasher (this does not include putting the clean dishes away after the load is done.)

That's it, that's all I can manage: loading the washing machine and loading the dishwasher.

Someone the other day said, "Oh, you must not be as busy not that school has started."

I disagreed with her 100%. But kept my mouth shut and just kinda of looked at her and said nothing.

In my mind I wanted to tell her this:

I wanted to go on and on, about how much school keeps you busy in the mornings and afternoons, and after dinner.

I wanted to go on and on about how much work the 2 yr old at home is. A LOT
This little girl has me hopping all day long, it is ridiculous really, how little she lets me get done when we are home, and how much trouble she becomes if we are running an errand: in and out of the shopping cart, spending 1 hour to get into the car and her car seat because she INSISTS, FIGHTS, CRIES until I allow her the time to do it all by herself. Trying to get her dressed, does not want this shirt or those shorts put on her, but won't allow me to put anything else on her. Not taking naps anymore - getting cranky and irritable.

I wanted to go on and on about how Tate my preschooler needs my attention and play time and there just
isn't enough time in the day to shower him with it.

I wanted to go on and on about being pregnant is a full time job in itself.
I just want to eat and sleep all day, that's all my body wants to do.

Dinner lately consists of "Would you like some more milk with your cold cereal? or Can we have macaroni and cheese from a box again?"

I don't mean to rant, but I'm still amazed at how little I can get done in a day. It amazes me.

P.S. I'm feeling fine, we are all fine, a mother's work is just that: work
I do manage to squeeze in a blog post between trying to load a dishwasher or a washing machine, it keeps me sane through all this.



Amen! I'm dumbfounded EVERY DAY how very little I seem to accomplish. After letting Steven and Ashley out of the car (curbside @ the school) this morning, I looked to my right...NO SEAT!!! I couldn't see it! There was so much stuff in the van I couldn't see the seat, much less the floor! I spent the next twenty minutes right there, next to the school, trying to recover the seat. Coupons, receipts, newspapers, school papers and missing assignments, Steven's trumpet (oops, might need that today), diapers and wipes (at least they are clean ones), snacks (to be used as bribery when children won't wear a seat belt), primary papers, library books, my to do lists, gum wrappers, and trash.....It's embarrassing. Let's not talk about the house! I did find my computer...and here I sit. Don't know that I want to attempt anything else. Sigh.

Katie said...

Beautifully written, Love it!

Just glad Mr. Gerber didn't come out, curbside to tell you to "keep it movin'"

Amanda said...

Amen! I see someone beat me to it, but those are my sentiments exactly!

Cathy said...

I've just about given up! Glad to hear I'm not alone. I am shedding a tear for you though - NO NAPS!?!? Already!?!? I'm soooo not ready for that yet! This reminds me how grateful I am that I am NOT pregnant this year. Very very grateful. Or greatful. I'm not sure.