Here we go again

The 3rd grader
Lindy insisted this year that she couldn't use her
Barbie lunch box and Princess backpack from Kindergarten.
She wanted a shoulder bag - NOT a backpack!

The 1st grader
Kyle wanted his hair spiked for the first day, and wanted to wear a Rock Band t-shirt.

Post Edit: They are both back from school with big smiles.
They thought it went great, liked their teachers, saw old friends.
They ate popsicles and m&m's, saw each other at recess, and would like to go back tomorrow.

Just for fun, here our last year's photos.



I think the day has been a success! Hope yours has been as well. Grade school is exciting! I still remember all of my grade school teachers. I'm sure my kids will remember their own. Avery LOVES kindergarten. OF COURSE! WAY better than hanging out at home!

MollyE said...

Wow, they really look grown up from last year!