Guess what I got today?

A new dishwasher!
It's installed and doing it's first load.
YEAH!!!! Cartwheels, Jump for Joy, Applause!!!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

The dishwasher I've hated for so long, finally "officially" broke.
Although, I'm convinced it never worked.
Below is a picture of dishes that I hand washed.
Your week can be completely thrown off when your dishwasher breaks!

I went to a speciality, local store in town to pick out the new dishwasher.
Not the big box store like Best Buy, or Sears.

The salesman was patient and knew what he was talking about from years of experience.
I told him I needed a large, work-horse of a dishwasher.
One that can take on dirty, dirty, caked-on dishes and do as many as 2-3 loads a day.

He said the KitchenAid brand is the way to go.
He prefers them to the Bosch brand.
In the end it is probably a matter of personal preference.
But I believed him.

This is the model I got.

I did consider the Kenmore 13103,
but internet reviews said it works great for a few months, then breaks down after 2-3 yrs.

He said this is the machine I need.
I didn't want the cheapest, best deal in town.
I wanted a high-quality, good machine.
He gave me a significant discount.
They work with home builders and he gave me the contractor's price.
Much cheaper than what you see listed on the Kitchenaid website.

We will see how it does???!!!!
Can't wait to do dishes tonight!

P.S. There is another Kitchenaid model that is almost the same as what I got.
It's a little cheaper, but almost the same machine.
With buttons on the front and no handle that you can see in the photo above.
It's the KUDS30 model.
If you're shopping for a dishwasher it might be one to consider.
I almost got it, but it wasn't in stock and going to take longer for delivery.


Kathy said...

I'm so excited for you! You see, I have never liked my dishwasher that we inherited when we bought this home. It doesn't work well, in fact, I never wash anything on the top rack. I do ALOT of hand washing! I just can't get myself to get a new one until this one officially breaks! I have thought of paying one of the kids to break it, but haven't done it yt. You may have inspired me~! I truly want to know how you like it in a few weeks from now!

MollyE said...

I'm so excited for you! I tried that with my car last night. There is something wrong with the belts, but Jeremy said that is not enough to get a new car. I like Kathy's idea of paying the kids. But I probably wouldn't have to pay them, I would just set them free on the engine of my car and it would be broken in no time!

Rebecca said...

Help is on the way, I love loading up a dishwasher with dishes that don't need rinsing, I will be there asap! MOM

Kristen said...

I read this post with pure envy! I completely understand how your life gets thrown out of whack without this wonderful machine. Funny timing because I blogged about this very thing recently. Hopefully we will be in the market soon. Thanks for the great reviews.