Cousin Camp

This summer we realized the kids have a lot of cousins that live near us.
The moms/aunts and I were all feeling like we needed something to do, to get through another week with all these kids. We had cousin camp for 3 days in the afternoon and 1 evening/pizza party! The kids loved it and it went surprisingly well.

**Warning this post will have a lot of pictures, so the moms/aunts can get whatever pictures they would like.**

We rented a bounce house for the 1st day. It had a water slide on the other side. It was a great babysitter.

They hung out and ate a lot of popsicles in the yard.

On the 2nd day we watched the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox (great family movie; funny for adults too), had a food fight, washed off with sprinklers, ate pizza, and did a magic show for the parents.
Tate and T.K. hiding before the food fight begins.
T.K. wore the proper equipment - GOGGLES!
Lindy and Kyle excited to attack with spaghetti.
Tate is attacked with applesauce and tomatoes
T.K. prepares for war with a colander?
Lindy ready to throw pie at Tate.
Perfect Aim! Score!!
Tate thought it was delicious.
The Magic Show!

On the 3rd day we crafted and had a pool party


(Is cousin camp a new tradition?)


Ingrid said...

Thanks for posting all these fun pictures! Most of all, thanks for hosting! Yes, indeed, a new summer tradition!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Yes! Yes! Tradition! (Says the woman who *doesn't* host it at her house, lol) Seriously that was the best idea- tyler had SO much fun!

PS I like the new blog title. One of the reasons I like reading your blog is that you write and post just like you would talk if I was with you. I love seeing all of the pieces of Katie :)