A couple of things we did this summer

We floated the river.  We try to do it once every summer with the kids.
It's a safe family adventure. Great for all ages!
It really is fun, and a must-do if you come to town in the summer.
P.S. these are not pictures of us, or my photos at all. I was too worried our camera would get wet.
But, they are real pictures of our local river, and all the fun to be had.

We went to the local Rodeo!
The kids had fun getting dressed up.
The library gave us free passes.
This event we could skip next year.
It was a little long, and most of the cowboys were bucked off quickly.
Really, the only things the kids watched were the cotton candy vendors walking around.
Then they drove us, the parents, crazy begging for cotton candy.
I guess we're not made to be a cowboy family.

I just asked Tate, while making this post, what he remembered about the rodeo.
"Uh, we got cotton candy!"

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Stacey said...

They look cute in all their cowboy gear!