I've seen some movies!

Lucky me has been able to see some movies.

We rented this. Surprisingly good, interesting.
Another rental. Good story, wanted to know more about Nelson Mandella. Slept through parts of it.
Loved This! Saw it in the theatre.
For those of you who feel like we've lost Tom, he's back.
Another rental, a little silly, not a must see.
Loved watching this with the kids. We rented it for a family movie night. Very fun for the whole family.
Loved, loved, loved. I took all 4 kids by myself. They all sat through the whole movie,
I didn't even have to bribe them with popcorn or candy.
Some reviews & parents say it's a little dark, but I thought it was the same as all the others.
Syd from the 1st movie still scares me.


Sally said...

wow lots of movie watching! Can't wait to see knight and day and toy story!

Kristen said...

Wow! All 4 kids to the movies by yourself...and everyone behaved! That is a great accomplishment. Way to go!