Family Car Debate??

For those of you curious, like me, about the new 2011 Honda Odyssey minivan redesign.
Here is the website with pictures and photos. It should be coming out this fall and should sit 8.

To be honest the 3rd backseat still looks crowded and the 8th seat looks like a half seat like their current design.  I've decided minivans work great for toddlers and families with only 3 kids. I've turned into an official family car snob.  I like everyone to be able to have some room for the drive across town to my sister's house and the long hours of driving for family vacations.

I've never wanted to drive a beast suburban around town, but slowly, I'm beginning to think it may be the way to go. We do go up to the mtns. several times all year and tow a boat.

Should we drive the Ford Passenger Van around town?

What are your thoughts? For families with 4+ kids, what is a good family car?
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I haven't ruled out the minivan yet. Sliding doors, standing room (I'm super short), and the cargo space are fantastic, and they do get better gas mileage.


marci mulert said...

I drive a suburban, but might have to lean toward a full size van as we are thinking about having #6. Since 6 carseats won't fit in our suburban and my pediatric hubby won't let the oldest two go without carseats. I never thought that I would ever go bigger than a mini-van. I love driving the suburban...I'm not so sure about a full size van!

Andrea said...

I never wanted to drive a minivan but I have to say that for us the only reason to have a suburban would be to look cool. Maybe my kids are more wimpy than others but they would have a hard time opening the doors to a big suv. For now even with five kids we fit fine in the minivan. (yes there are some complaints from the three in the back but not too much.) When the kids get older we might switch to a Suburban but for now the minivan is great.

Tricia said...

I had a suburban, switched to a minivan, and now I'm back in a yukon/suburban (same car) and have had that one for the last 4 years. If I were going to buy a new car today, I would buy the exact same one. It has its faults, to be sure, but there is no other car that gives me that much room for family vacations, can tow the scout troop plus trailer to scout camp, and I can actually park it. My biggest worry is that the kids will open the door into the car next to us, so I always say, BE CAREFUL GETTING OUT!