Memorial Day Fishin'

Sadie loved the squishy worms and squiggly fish.
Kyle caught the most, without even trying.
Tate had more fun exploring.
Lindy liked to find her own quiet spot.


Sally said...

Fun pictures! Fishing unrelated: Lindy's hair is really cute.

Rebecca said...

Did anyone eat the fish that was caught? Love Lindy's bow and cute haircut!

Katie said...

Lindy did get a new haircut!
It is really cute on her.

NO, we didn't eat any of the fish.
The rule at this fish park was you have to put the fish back in the water.

The kids are ready to go, if grandpa/dad wants to take them.

Stacey said...

Love Lindy's new haircut, tell her I think it's really cute! Fun to see all the fish they caught.