The "handy-dandy" vacuum cleaner

After years of many mothers, friends, bloggers, and family telling me how much they LOVE their Dyson vacuum cleaner, how it changed their lives, and that I NEEDED one; I folded and finally bought one.
Target had a sale. That's what did it. They had a $150 gift card as bait. Target charmed me.
Luckily, Chris was okay with the purchase. If it involves keeping house he thinks it's a good purchase. He was worried I would use it like our old vacuum. Never.  Luckily, we've had it a couple of months and I've proved him wrong. I use it all the time.  I LOVE IT! I repeat: I LOVE IT!

Things that have never been cleaned in our house (we've lived in our home for 4 yrs.) have now been "Dysoned".  Carpets, stairs, baseboards, tops of curtains, crevices, couches, etc.  The excitement has not worn off.  It just cleans, you feel genuinely great when you're done, like you actually got something done, even if kids are scattering crumbs beside you as you wind up the cord. No problem, you happily unwind the cord and vacuum again; it can suction up children too if you're not careful or if you just need the vacuum to provide that service for you.

I think I got the DC25-all floor model, I think.  It looks like the picture above.  It is expensive, really expensive for a vacuum. Be prepared for that, look for a deal ($350 is a good range)

Why I like it:

  • No more hoses, belts, bags, to buy/replace EVER again
  • Easy to use
  • A snap to switch from the floor to the attachments/hose. Super easy, very convenient

When I suckered myself into getting the vacuum, I felt just like Lucy from her t.v. show.
(It's kinda long, just watch 2-3 min. to get your laugh for the day.)


Rebecca said...

Can't wait to come try your handy dandy vac! loved watching Lucy, only the next segment of that show is just as funny. . .that will have to be your next post!

Kathy said...

I must be related to you because I love my vacuum, too! It's not the same one, but it is just as amazing and the "chore" of vacuuming is gone! I remember the crummy old vacuums of the past and feel very grateful! And I LOVE LUCY!!