Emma & Lucy

I watched this movie about a year ago, and really enjoyed it.
It left me wanting to know more about Emma. 

I found this book at Deseret Book. Emma and Lucy by Gracia M. Jones.
The author is directly related to Joesph & Emma Smith.

I enjoyed the book. It would be a quick, easy read for summer. It is fun to know more about these ladies.  I like learning about them, because when my life gets hard or I feel like complaining, I think of them. They endured so much and I quiet my complaints better.
I think we all experience Emma and Lucy moments in our lives.
"Since we are told in the Book of Mormon to liken the scriptures unto ourselves, isn't it reasonable that we might benefit by doing the same with the history of Emma and Lucy? I sincerely believe that through becoming better acquainted with the high and low moments in the lives of the Prophet's mother and his wife, we will find hidden strength for the challenges we face. . .Living as we are now in a world of uncertainty, it behooves each of us to ponder how Lucy managed to build a unified, loving, family while surrounded with every obstacle one can imagine, and to explore Emma's example of loyalty to her spouse and enduring compassion for the Saints."
-Gracia M. Jones

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