A party for a 2 year old!

The Blue's Clues cake that started breaking before the party started.
Sadie has just discovered Blue's clues so we did her party around that.

Enjoying the Cake!
The party guests.
Those crazee cousins & siblings
Party Games
Stick a sticker in the right place on a Blue's Clues poster.
Oops, Sadie is a little too small for this game.
New Underwear!
No, I'm not planning to potty train anytime soon.
We just didn't need any new toys, underwear seemed more practical.
Now, she likes to wear it over her diaper. Hmm. . . maybe not a good idea after all.
Hairbows from Daddy.
Inspired by cousin Haylee!


Karen said...

oh yay for hairbows!! Haylee will be so proud that she inspired somebody. fun party. So sad we missed it!

MollyE said...

It was a fun party!!

Ingrid said...

I am sad I missed the party! She is a darling little 2-year old!