Papers, papers, and more papers

Tate is addicted to collecting papers, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, postcards, etc. . .;
anything that is FREE that he can get his hands on when he goes out in public.

He wants every single brochure, if there is a display case of them.
He says needs them for his office.
At times I catch him up in his room at a desk with his papers.

Did you do this as a child? Gather as many free papers as you could?
Do any of your children do the same thing?

Please say yes to either question,
so I will feel better about this "phase" Tate is going through.


Tricia said...

Carter likes to grab the free Homes & Lands-type magazines at the grocery store. I wonder what he is contemplating purchasing with his $5 allowance.

Rebecca said...

Read the Gen. Conf. talk April 2007, Do You Know? by Glen L. Pace of the Seventy.