"Later . . . is Clutter's Best Friend"

One of my new favorite blogs is 320 Sycamore.
It's about home decor. She keeps her blog simple & realistic.
She adds a nice thought or two, and it's fun to see what project she does next.
She inspired me to spray paint an outdoor light fixture from white to bronze.
I love it. I feel much better when I look at that light now.

She recently did this post/video with some organization tips by Peter Walsh.
They've been on my mind ever since.
They are worth sharing and repeating.

These are the tips that were shared by Peter from the video:

1. If you wouldn't let an intruder with a knife enter your home, then don't let junk mail enter your home. That's what junk mail is: an intruder.

2. Be brutal. You're lucky to have 1 out of your 10 digital photos turn out, DELETE those other 9 photos.

3. What happens if you start a load of wash, and let it sit for a week before putting it in the dryer?
"You have a stinky, yucky mess!"
FINISH THE CYCLE - That is true for anything you do in your home.
FINISH THE CYCLE. Open something, close it. Use something, put it away. Play with toys, put them away. Dirty a dish, put it in the dishwasher. Leaving a dirty dish on the counter is not finishing the cycle.
Put a load of wash in the dryer, fold it, and put it away.  Use this motto for any project, or anything you start, teach your children the same principle.

I know as mothers we have constant interruptions or seasons of our life when we just can't get to things that minute, and we hardly finish much of anything, but I still think we can remember this motto and be a little better about putting shoes away after we take them off, putting groceries away right when we get home, etc. "Later is Clutter's best friend!"

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Rebecca said...

Finish the cycle, finish the cycle, say it out loud repeadedtly . . . .I will let you know how it goes.

PS love my new eye make up removal gizmos, and the yellow concealer, thanks for the advice!