My favorite Make-Up Products

Here are some of my favorites I've been getting at the drugstore for years.

1. Covergirl smooth concealers. A perfect texture for using under my eyes. I do this every morning, or put a dab or two on my blemishes. I just use my finger to apply.
Your concealer color should be a shade lighter than your skin color.
Concealer's main purpose is for under your eyes. The lighter color will help you look more light and bright and hide the darks under your eyes.

2. Maybelline great lash mascara. For me, over many years of use, this one stays on all day without smudging, and it is easy to come off at night. There are lots of great mascaras, I just love this one, and it is hard to break a good habit. *This mascara isn't great for swimming and water. I just don't put any on when I go swimming.

3. Covergirl smoothers. I use this in place of foundation during the warmer months. It is not as heavy to wear as foundation, and comes in a little darker shades when my face is more tan. Plus, it has sunscreen in it. Love it!

4. L'oreal true match foundation.  This is so creamy, and goes on flawlessly.  I've used it for years, it doesn't feel greasy or too thick. Foundation is great, it's the secret to having a flawless looking face.
It helps you look pretty.  I use my fingers to apply this as well.
Don't pick your foundation color by putting a dab on your wrist or arm.
It's best to put a dab or streak on your cheek then go into natural light and see which color blends into your cheek, skin without showing. You may have to get 2 -3 bottles at first, then for years to come have the right color, even if you had to waste a bottle or two to find one in the beginning.

5. Bobbi Brown Yellow Loose Powder. This is my one department store make-up splurge.  I can't find yellow loose powder in drugstores, and it lasts for 2+years or more.  Every woman's face needs a little yellow to brighten her face.  This loose powder works great and helps my foundation to stay on during the day.

6. Almay makeup remover pads. These are quite simply the best, the best. I've tried other things, just using water, liquid makeup remover with cotton balls, baby wipes, etc. Nothing works like these.
They are perfect, this brand only. Can't live without them. The oil-free kind is my favorite, it leaves no residue after I wipe the make-up off. It works great on my eyes, no stinging or irritation.

I'm still looking for a great blush, eye shadow and now that I'm getting older I need a good lotion/moisturizer to put on my face. I'm also looking for a good perfume scent. I like to wear a little everyday, and I need something clean, fresh, fun and happy, that's not too strong. If you have any ideas please share your favorite make-up products too!

Here is a link to some more best beauty products.


Ingrid said...

Katie, you crack me up. And thanks for the make up tips. I could use a trick or two (and probably more).

Mom said...

I'd like to order ONE each of: Cover Girl smoothie, Smooth Concealer, Bobbi Brown Loose Powder and Almay makeup remover pads, send me a bill! love you!