Look what Happened !!!, Part II

Every night last week, Chris would ask the kids when he came home from work,
"Did anyone find mom's ring today?"

Last Thursday evening, Tate decided it was time to respond to his dad by running behind the couch,
digging in the air vent on the floor, and pulling out my missing rings!

We were all shocked, surprised, and grateful.

I still have many questions about this little story.
Why did Tate wait until nearly the end of the week, to let us know his secret?
Hiding valuables in air vents.
How did my ring get my off my finger and into Tate's hands?
I've asked him several times, but his answers are all very vague and confusing.

Tate continues to keep things interesting around our house.


Tricia said...

What a relief! I'm so glad the ring was found...even if the circumstances are a little dodgy. (Tate!)

MollyE said...

So happy you found your ring! Tate is great.

Karen said...

your fingernails looks great! French tip? Well that is sure a mystery but at least you found it.


Oh! The air vents! Why didn't I think of THAT? Gage stores all kinds of things in ours! Toys, money, food (gross!) Sooo funny that Tate kept it a secret. I'm glad you found it!