Sadie Sniffles, Stomps & Suffers from a bad hair day

  1. I am a terrible mother at not fixing my girls' hair. They get bad haircuts from me, it's never in ribbons, or in fun, trendy styles, and they run away from me when it's time to comb their tangles or "snarls". 
  2. Sadie has had a snotty nose for a year now. I'm not alarmed. All my children this age from 1-3 yrs. have this problem.  I hope the photo didn't gross you out.
  3. Sadie loves shoes. I'm amazed at how passions, loves, and interests can be shown in kids and their personalities at such a young age. And all my kids love wearing boots. Rainboots, snow boots, and cowboy boots.  Something about a good stompin' makes my kids happy. 
  4. I liked that Sadie was stompin' with her waffle.




Cathy said...

We eat waffles too and loved seeing your little ones eating them in church. That is a great idea!