Olympics and Valentine Ramblings

It's going to be hard for me to blog during the olympics.

Here are some ramblings from the weekend with little editing to them:

Our Valentine's, started with taking the kids to a Japanese steak house where they cook the meal right in front of you, and fire dances right before your eyes. Luckily, no one cried or was burned.
Lindy wanted to scoot as far back as possible, though.
The kids all ordered steak, I got a kick out of that.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal, everyone ate up, and we had no leftovers to bring home.

After dinner, we went home to watch the opening ceremonies for the olympics.
The kids were being wild and had a lot of energy.
They were bouncing, jumping, flying, fighting, yelling, all in front of the tv.
Chris was becoming frustrated.
"This only happens once every 4 years. SIT  down!", dad exclaimed, "I'm  trying to watch this."

The next day, we went to a gymnastics meet for Kyle.
When we first arrived at the meet, we could tell it had already started.
Kyle needed to change into a team shirt quickly, which the recptionist prompty told me would cost another $10 right there on the spot. What?? We had already paid extra for the meet.
The other recptionist told me the t-shirt was included in the cost of the meet.
While I was working the details out with the t-shirt/money issue,
Lindy started complaining/getting upset about wanting to be in the meet too.
(Lindy quit her dance class to start gymnastics.)
Then, Tate starts asking me again and again to take/eat cookies/treats from the bake sale that was on display in front of him.
All of these loud pestering/discussions were going on at the same time. AT THE SAME TIME.
Mean while I'm panicked that we are late for the meet, to even send Kyle out on the floor to compete.
Being a mother is such an interesting job, so interesting.

The issues were resolved and Kyle did a great job at the meet.
He did a lot of rotations. The floor exercise, the trampoline, the rings, the parallel bars, the vault and some other kind of jump thing.  Kyle's grandparents were able to watch the meet as well. My mother asked me, after a couple of rotations what would happen next.
I said I don't know, I've never been to this before and I go to Costco, while he is at gymnastics.
Yes, that's the kind of mother I am. When my son is at gymnastics I go shopping.

On Sunday, Chris went to early morning meetings, and our stake conference.
We woke up to flowers and candy for everyone. Thanks, Chris.
The kids had candy bars for breakfast.
The kids and I, then got ready to go to my sister's ward for her baby's blessing.
Chris joined us for that too. He went to about 5-6 hours of church.
He must love church on Valentine's Day.
It was a nice day for our families, just being together.
We enjoyed watching more olympics in the evening.
The kids played with their cousins and stayed out of the way of the tv.
My sister, Molly made a lot of great things to eat. Homemade cream pie and homemade lasagna.
I admire Molly with her  4  boys, hosting company, making homemade meals, cleaning house, and taking care of a newborn.  I think we can call her SuperMom, now.  In a good way!


Karen said...

wow, what a weekend!! I wish I could have been there

Rebecca said...

I was there and it was fabulous!