My Purse

My mother requested on my last post that I reveal the contents of my purse.
What a great idea! Here it is:

I have to 2 purses, since I go back and forth between the large and small, daily.

The trendy "not a diaper bag" purse,
when I escape on an errand by myself.

The suitcase purse

  • shopping list
  • receipts from Wal-mart, the bank, JcPenney, Costco, the Beehive hair salon, Costa Vida
  • garbage
  • keys
  • cell phone
  • wallet
  • chocolate
  • broken pieces of gum
  • batteries (used? or new?)
  • hand sanitizer
  • sunscreen
  • band aids
  • ibuprofen & tylenol
  • note pad
  • reminder note from Tate to bring family picture to church. (Which I didn't do)
  • lip gloss
  • pens

If you have a blog, go and do the same thing.
Take a photo of your purse, dump the contents out with little or no editing,
then take a picture of the things in your purse.
It's honest, revealing, and a great journal entry about a slice of your life!


Karen said...

I love this idea. I'm excited to do a blog post about it!

Ingrid said...

very cute...

MollyE said...

ok, these purse posts are making me realize I have the absolute worse purse in the family! Ugh, how embarassing!

Katie said...

Post your purse, Molly, Post your purse!