A miracle

An amazing story just happened in February to a mother and L.D.S./mormon family in Utah.
My own mom recommended this story to me.

I doubted posting this post at all.
It is a hard read, but in many ways a good read.
We will be inspired to be a little more attentive as mothers, to realize that miracles happen just the same as when Jesus walked the earth, and be more thankful for our kids.

For the quick story watch this video on their blog.
About 9 min. long.

I think it is better to start at the beginning, no peeking, and read from 1-3.

For the long story start 1. here, when they announced the pregnancy of their 4th baby boy.
The miracle starts there.
Then jump to 2. here, for the day he was born.
Then start 3. here on the family blog to follow the story and miracle.
After reading #3, scroll all the way down past the comments, and click on newer post.
She posted Feb. 1st, start there in 2010 on her blog then read up to the current date.
It is an amazing story, very real, you will live each moment through the mom.
It is emotional, and will take some time. Maybe 45 min. to an hour.

After reading this, and reflecting on many other's stories, even in my own family, friends,
and strangers whose stories are in the news.
I often wonder why one family gets the miracle and the other does not.

I love, love this talk by President Kimball, Tragedy or Destiny. You can read it here.
(The talk is also in his book, that we read in 2007 for Priesthood and Relief Society.)

Pres. Kimball himself lost 2 sisters, and his own mother by the time he was eleven.

This talk gives me a lot of peace and clarity concerning each life,
and Heavenly Father's will for each individual.

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I've read through the story. Still need to read Pres. Kimball's talk. Very heart wrenching. Definitely helped me gain a better perspective on motherhood and my own children--I don't cherish them like I ought--and certainly need to enjoy the journey more than I do. Good read. Good read. Thanks!