Movies we watched over the Holidays

Here are my reviews:

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs - Crazy plot, action packed - almost too much stuff. Just okay for me
Night at the Museum 2 - Great Family movie, clean - I like the first one better, but this entertains kids, there can be a scary scene or two for small kids and toddlers.
Angels & Demons - Slept through it, looked kinda interesting, but not enough to try watching it again.
The Kite Runner - Actually saw this one a while back, but including it here. Good movie, but different style than your mainstream movies. I recommend it, but there is a disturbing emotional scene. You don't see it, but you know something very bad happens to a main character. Not a kids' movie.
The Maiden Heist - With Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman, and William Macy. Great movie, fun for all ages of adults from your 80 yr old to your college age. Watch this one. Not super action packed, but fun to watch.
Avatar - I saw this one in 3-d with glasses. I really enjoyed it. I think you should see it. It's good.
Not the most amazing movie I've ever seen, I don't need to see it 5 times. But it's a good movie to see.
I didn't think seeing it in 3-d was necessary. I liked the male lead character, and I always like a love story.
Sherlock Holmes - Fun. I liked it. I thought it was different and a little dark, but it didn't bother me, the way some dark movies can.
Julie & Julia - I loved watching the Julia parts of the movie and would like to know more of her story. The Julie parts were a little dull and uninteresting. Just an okay movie for me.

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Rebecca said...

When was Kite Runner playing? I missed it, along with angels and demons! Can I come back and watch them?