Lindy's Baptism

We had an enjoyable day for Lindy's baptism. Lindy was a little nervous but mostly excited.

It was a stake baptism, and they spotlight each child to be baptized. Lindy was asked these questions by her primary president without any assistance from her parents. This is what she said and what was read to the congregation:
Special Talents or Interests: Skiing with Dad, bowling, & horses
Favorite Primary Song: "How Firm a Foundation"
Favorite Scripture Hero/Favorite Story: Nephi/Noah building the Arc
Favorite School Subject: Math & Reading
What makes Lindy unique: Lindy loves her blond hair which makes her look like a Swedish girl! Her nicknames from her mom is LindyLouWho and from her Dad is Linderella.

We had a lot of family in attendance for Lindy. Thank you all for coming. That was great!
Uncle Jeremy and his boys (her cousins) gave her flowers. I thought that was so cute and thoughtful.

The last 3 pictures are Lindy with her grandparents. My parents, her great-grandma Peggy who is in her 90's from Chris side of the family, and lastly her grandma, Dianne, Chris' mom.  Dianne made her white dress, which we loved and thought she looked so pretty in. It was a great gift for Lindy.

As her mother my favorite part of the whole baptism experience, was not on her actual baptism day. It was early on a Monday morning when she was going to school after her baptism. I recognized strongly that she has the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I felt a great sense of relief and protection knowing she carries that gift with her now.  I proudly sent her off to school that morning with gratitude for the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

We are proud of Lindy. She sets a good example to her family.
She always tries to do her best. We love her very much.


Karen said...

Lindy has a huge gracious heart and I love how kind and caring she is to Haylee! We were so glad we could be there for her special day. She looked so pretty in her white dress with her flowers.

Janis said...

What a special day for the whole family! I loved your thought at the end!!