Thanksgiving 2009

This was the only picture we captured of our 2009 Thanksgiving.
A picture of a Turkey (Tate is a Turkey that's for sure,
a Pilgrim (or Abe Lincoln), an Indian,
and Sadie eyeing the famous cheeseball.
We all had a wonderful day enjoying cousins, family, and the great feast.
Thanks Dianne for putting on a great Thanksgiving for us all!

Here is Sadie enjoying the famous cheeseball.
In the end she went straight for the cheese, ignoring the idea that we should eat it with a cracker.
Kyle accidentally said, "Do you want some cheeseous fame ball?"

Near the end of the Thanksgiving weekend, we decorated our Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas to you all, let the Christmas Season Begin!

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MollyE said...

mmmmm, cheeseball! Sadie looks so much like Tate in that picture!