The Moon

The moon was still out this morning I thought it looked cool!

Two New Moon stories from my sister Karen's blog that are fun to read:
It was Friday afternoon and I was going to the bank before getting ready to see new moon that night. I go to the bank all the time. See the same tellers. No big deal. The guy helping me is very nice and going about doing my transaction. I look at his name tag and it says Edward Cullen. "Is that really your name?!!!" And it actually was. He told me story after story about how he always has to prove it by showing some sort of id. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I've met Edward Cullen and he is my bank teller. 

Another new moon story for you all. I don't know who this happend to personally but it's our friend's cousin. She went to the midnight showing of new moon on Thursday night. Her water broke during the movie so she didn't get to see the rest and she named her baby boy Cullen. 

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Tricia said...

Stephenie Meyer either ruined or made that guy's life. How funny!