New Moon!

It was just okay for me. Edward was moody. When you watch the movie you appreciate Jacob's character more. You doubt why Edward and Bella should be together. I never felt that way when I read the books. I wish Bella and Edward were a little happier, in the movie.
Even though, Jacob is in turmoil and going through a lot in the movie, he still manages to have fun, smile, and enjoy himself.

I love Alice and want to have a haircut just like hers. I liked the Volturi Scenes.
I didn't like when Edward bared his chest, it looked weird.

Can't wait to hear your opinions too. Let me know when you see it, if this is your thing.


Stacey said...

I really enjoyed the movie. Way better for me than the first, even the acting was better. I agree about Edward with his shirt off, not attractive. I LOVE Alice's hair too! When I read this book, it totally made me love Jacob and I was rooting for him and the movie made me do it again. I agree about them needing to be happier too. If you are so in love, you should be happy!

Tricia said...

Amen. I totally love Edward in the books but the movie tonight made me want to switch allegiance to Jacob. Jacob was hot and Edward was kind of pastey-grody-weird. But, overall definitely better than Twilight.

Rebecca said...

Would a 50yrs+ grandma like this movie?

Stacey said...

Although the acting and effects were better in this movie, I still liked Twilight better. I was so glad when they finally made Jacob's hair short. That wig just looked ridiculous. And why did they even have Robert Pattison take off his shirt. He completely pales in comparison to Jacob.

Karen said...

Well I have a lot of thoughts so I hope I get them all down. We all knew going into new moon that it was going to be all about Jacob. So i'm surprised that team edwards are switching to team jacob. In fairness to Edward. He was in the movie for about two minutes and when they showed him in the end he was preparing to be killed so of course he looked awful. He thought the love of his life was dead. I also thought it was funny that Jacob promised bella he would never leave or hurt her like Edward did, but then pratically in the next scene he was a wolf and told Bella to leave and never come back. I'm just not a jacob fan. Yes he had a six pack and I'm proud of him for that but Edward is truly in love with Bella oh and i love it. It all comes down to the fact that I'm actually a Team Emmet fan! Who's with me?