Sorry for my blog being down!

I was a little spooked that a male stranger had been reading my blog for longer than most people visit my blog. But the worry was all for nothing. It was just a good friend from the ward using her husband's name, and leaving the computer on while tending to all of life's distractions.
While I was trying to decide if I should be public or private, and making some adjustments to my blog to make it a little more anonymous; I read online about cyberstalking. That spooked me even more.
Don't do that; read about bad stories involving personal blogs.  The experts  say no one should ever blog anything personal ever. But, we all are, so. . .I 've decided not to be spooked anymore except for Halloween!

Anyways, all is well, and I will get to posting again soon. Stay tuned!
It is safe to have a public blog again! Yeah!!


Rebecca said...

Amen to Tate's prayers. Welcome back, I will be avoiding housework one post at at time now!


So happy to have you back! Sorry for the scare--and that I was the spook! Tate's prayer is adorable! What a great thing to keep record of!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Haha, did I tell you or did I tell you??! That was my guess, for the record ;) I'm glad you're back up and running!