Happy Birthday to Karen and Weston!

My sister Karen is married to Weston. They share the same b-day. Funny, crazy, romantic?

Here are Karen's Fun Facts:

  • She is great with fashion.
  • She is the cutest mom, but not because she is cute, even though she is, but because she plays with her daughter sincerely. She is excited to be with her.
  • She is a lot of fun to be around.
  • She is a party girl in a good way.
  • She is great at serving in her church callings
  • She was my mother's sunshine at an important time in my mother's life.
  • She cares about people.
  • She enjoyed her pregnancy.
  • She graduated from BYU-Idaho.
  • She drives a hot car.
  • She has a love of Idaho, which is ironic if you know her.
  • She loves to bake, and is good at it.
  • She is great at keeping our family connected and together.

Weston's Fun Facts:
  • He likes to work out, and is disciplined
  • He is a hard worker.
  • He is a great salesman. In a great way.
  • He is fun to be with too!
  • He is fashion conscious.
  • He loves to car shop.
  • He has become a golfer.
  • He is patient. He can take his time about things to achieve his goals and dreams.
  • He grew up in Bear Lake.
  • He loves horses.
  • He met Karen in Rexburg. They have been married for 3+ yrs.
  • He graduated from BYU-Idaho
  • He served his mission in Ireland.
  • He is a high school football star.
  • We love having him in our family, and glad he married Karen
  • He is cute with Haylee too!

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Karen said...

Thanks Katie! I love reading your fun facts about people on their birthdays. We had a great birthday. How was kyle's party?