Have I Told you Lately. . .

that I LOVE blogging. I love keeping a journal, taking pictures of kids I never would have taken before. Keeping up with family & friends, getting great tips and advice from all of you for all kinds of things. Blogging is Fantastic, I love it. Fantastic!
You all knew I wouldn't break for that long, Right?
It turns out, so far, only Kyle had the stomach bug. I haven't been dealing with it with everyone,
so I could blog a little again.
I had to fix my blog. I missed the white background a lot.
It's still a work in progress.
Anyway, hope your week has been good for all of you, Knock on wood, mine has been better than I thought it was going to be. Of course, after writing this post, I've just jinxed myself and will be up in the middle of the night with kids that are sick.


Karen said...

So how did your night go? Any episodes in the middle of the night? I concure about blogging. It's great! I feel like I have friends

Katie said...

We are all still healthy, which is great!
Thank goodness.

Ingrid said...

great to know the real sick season has not kicked in yet! See you soon.

Cathy said...

I like the header!!! And I love the cute pix on the side bar too! I'm glad you're blogging - you crack me up!