Do you love your Dishwasher?

I hate mine.
It gives me 25%. I need 110%
I put in clean dishes, they come out dirty.
It makes a horrible, loud, grinding noise.
The dashboard changes minutes on me. 75 min. Then 40 min. Then back to 65 min.
We bought a new house 3 yrs ago. It came with the house.
It has never worked good.
I finally had a repairman out last week.
He was a little different & hard to understand.
He thought a plastic piece was loose, and said he would replace it.
Never heard from him again.
The problem is. . . is that it does work & sometimes dishes get clean.
Does your dishwasher work?
Do you love yours?
Can you put dishes in, & put them away clean? Everyday?
Do you have to redo some loads/dishes?
Am I living in a fantasy world to think a new dishwasher
would magically clean my dishes?
Are we better off washing dishes by hand, or do dishwashers really work?
If you love yours, tell me why and what model & brand you own.


AmyMak said...

Love my Bosch. It's an expensive high end dishwasher that came with the house. I would not have spent the money but am glad someone else did. Been 3 years with us and not a hint of trouble. Dishes are clean. Stainless steel inside and out makes for rust-free look. Love it. Get it!

PennStateMama said...

I have a Kenmore Elite with a stainless steel interior. I love it. We got it 16 months ago for about $750 (with delivery, instalation, and removal of the old dishwasher). We have to use rinse agent to get sparkly clean dishes, but it has worked fantastic so far. Oh yeah, I remember having trouble with Costco brand dishwasher detergent. It never seemed to clean the dishes very well. Try dissolving some dishwasher detergent in a glass of water. Does the water turn muddy brown? Maybe try a different brand.

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Oh my gosh- who knew that our dishwashers are twin sisters (well, probably twin brothers. Let's face it, if they were female they'd know how to wash a dish!) separated at birth. Or maybe our builders just shopped at the same "crappy dishwashers for cheap" sale. I HATE ours!


I can't complain about our dishwasher (Whirlpool Gold). It gets the job done as long as I keep the rinse aid filled. However, I do rinse dishes well before loading--wouldn't it be nice not to do that? Should I ever have opportunity to purchase new, I would get a Bosch. Have heard nothing but good about them. They are VERY quiet, efficient, and seem to get the dishes clean (so I hear from two friends/family who own one) Happy shopping--assuming you take that route!