Ice Cream, Bricks, & Max

I don't like to cook much in the summer.
(All year long, if you really want to know the truth)
I read about this idea in Real Simple Magazine last year.
Eat banana splits for dinner.
I did it last year, and just last week again.
I love it. A fun summer tradition.
Chris prayed we wouldn't get stomach aches,
and some kids still didn't eat.
To keep it healthy
add fresh strawberries or pineapple to the toppings.
One more thing:
I've hit a brick wall with summer and the kids.
We've done just about all there is to do,
We're bored and tired of eachother.
There is still 4 solid weeks before school starts.
Which feels like the longest month of pregnancy.
An eternity.
So, I thought of Maria, again.
From the movie, Sound of Music.
What would she do?
Right about now, she goes on a 3-week honeymoon with her husband,
and Max watches the kids.
If only life were like the movies.
Where is Max when you need him?


Tricia said...

It sure would be nice to have a Max around! We've only got three weeks left and one week we'll be on vacation. So, I'm actually hitting the "oh no, let's hurry up and do everything I've been meaning to this summer but haven't managed yet!" phase. Too bad you don't live closer. We could have fun together with our crew of 8!

Jessica said...

1) Cute blog. I LOVE all of the variety...I need more of that in mine.

2) Thanks for visiting and delurking on my birthday. And for all the nice things you said.

3) You know Sara from Best Bites?! I'm such a fan. I make stuff from that site 10 times a month. How fun!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Hello- you haven't seen me in forever. THAT is what your summer is missing!! You guys should come swim next week. Actually, you all should come and the men should take all of the kids to the pool while we sit and catch up :)

And I'm now a fan of that Jessica- how cool that she "knows" me too! :)