Hair - One of Katie's Life Mysteries

I cut my hair short, short. It's great and I always love it. It is easy,
You have to use lots of hair "product"
( I think hair product is such a funny word. Can't I just say goo?)
I have to use a lot of hair GOO when I have short hair. Also, you have to go in about every 4-6 weeks for a hair cut. Which I find a kind of a pain. I hate spending a lot of money and time on my hair. I know most of you feel it is well deserved and something every woman needs, but for me $40 + is way too much and anything longer than an hour makes me feel nervous, as I sit there thinking about all the things I could be doing with my time.

My dilemma: I had a good hair lady, but she is expensive. When I had long hair I could go about every 4 months. She would give me such a good cut, wacking off all my thick hair that I could go longer than cheap haircuts. She gave me my short cut. Then to save money I went to the local beauty school. In the past, I have had great, trendy cuts for only $8. I went to the beauty school for a trim with my new short hair. . .BAD, BAD, one of my worst ever cuts. She didn't know how to start, was so SLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. After an hour, my hair looked exactly the same, Still Shaggy, and Beehiveish. Finally, she called over the professor of the school, and the professor cut my hair in 10 min. Flat. Anyway, I don't know what to do. Go back to my expensive lady, whom I trust? Find someone cheaper who is good with short hair? Or try the beauty school again, because it was just one bad experience, and you always get a new person?
Why do we have to worry about hair? That is a mystery to me. I think we look nice with hair, but why do we have to worry about it and take care of it all the time. My other mystery is why do we have to eat 3 times a day everyday. I love food, I think it is delicious and heavenly. But why everyday? It is so much work, thinking, planning, shopping, organizing, cleaning, dishes, etc. Maybe I will become shaggy and eat potato chips from now on.


Cathy said...

My hair gal has been doing mine for years. I think it's $20 for a cut and style?? I always get my color done too, so I don't konw how much just a cut is. She remodeled the 3rd bay in her garage to be a salon. She's about 20 minutes away (in south Nampa), but soooo worth it to me! You can call her at 861-4330. Her name is Amanda Young. Or not - and I'm fine with that! :) (I've had short hair in the past and have always loved what she's done).

Tricia said...

Personally, when you find someone you love, I say stick with them. And hair is something you have to deal with everyday, so I think you should love it.

I am sooooo with you on the eating thing.

AmyMak said...

I was just admiring your short hair in your sunset picture - and thinking I could never get away with that! You have very enviable hair. To you it's a pain, to me, it always looks so good. Your dilemma is my dilemma. I'm too cheap to spend the cash but wish I would. Alas, I stay with the same salon for $20 and never love it.