Summer successes and failures

We are nearing the end of my 1st week of summer with the 4 kiddos. We are all fine, we still like eachother, and have survived thus far. Here are some of our successes and failures for the week, may they be of some benefit to you Failures:
  • Taking all 4 to the grocery store for a couple items. To give them constant entertainment and fun, I took them to the store with mini shopping carts for the kids to use. BIG MISTAKE. BIG. They began racing around the store in them. I couldn't even concentrate on the 2 or 3 items to find they were acting so crazy. Tate, practically ran down a poor pregnant lady. We promptly left the store.
  • Letting them use a mirror to draw a self portrait of themselves. They broke the mirror, by standing on it and jumping on it.
  • Not sweeping the kitchen floor fast enough. The ants are attacking and winning.
  • Letting Tate have a pencil to draw with. Began drawing on kitchen floor.
  • The local libary- Their reading program and the magic show
  • Cousin Sam's Batman Bouncehouse Birthday Bonanza. Happy Birthday Sam! Thanks Molly for a great success.
  • 90 year old Great Grandma Peggy's Bar-b-que with extended family
  • Believe it or not: I'm doing a little school with the kids. They actually like it, and asked to do it the next day and the next. Total Shocker. I did prepare a little, maybe that helps. I have a couple science books for kids from the library, a couple workbooks, flashcards, and a game/activity book from the library too.
  • A printed schedule posted at eye level for kids with pictures for those who can't read yet.
  • A weekly prize at the end of the week, for help around the house, jobs and good behavior???!!!! It's a great threat, and is working so far.
  • I got the new church gospel art picture book. It has related scriptures with each picture. I show them a picture each day, and we talk for a min. or two about it. It's simple, so far one of the easiest ways to tell them a scripture story.
Yeah!! We had more successes than failures. But, it' s only been 1 week. Stay tuned for many more disasters, boredom, and all of us looking at eachother, like, "Now what??!!!"


AmyMak said...

Very funny. You're keeping motherhood very real Katie! We are not out until June 22nd and I can't say I'm too sad about it :) Really like the gospel art picture book idea. Will have to check it out. Good luck...and really, you are on the verge of life getting much easier. At least, it has been for me with kids getting a bit older. Please keep blogging!

Kristen said...

So, can you post a picture of your schedule? Or at least tell us what is on it. I would love to get some ideas. Thanks for sharing all of your successes and failures. I went to the store this week with all 3 of mine and was reminded why I NEVER do that. Kudos to you for trying it with 4!!

Janis said...

I want to come spend the summer with you! What great ideas!!