Gone Fishin'

Chris wanted to take the kids fishing over Memorial Day weekend. It took most of the morning to get packed, geared, and officially licensed. By the time we got to the fishing spot, it was a hot afternoon. To the children's disappointment the fish were not biting at all. The kids were excited at first. They were patient, then hot, and sad. No one caught a fish. Not one fish. In hopes of rewarding the kids for their patience, and maybe teaching a lesson or two about never giving up; Chris took the kids' out a second time in the cool of the evening to another spot, where some other fishermen shared their live worms with Chris. Finally, they each had a turn catching a fish, and loved every minute of it!
Chris taking the kids to a fishing spot??? Will the fish bite down here?
Tate climbing & playing in the dirt instead of fishing
You can see Kyle's frustration in this picture
Waiting. . . .
More waiting . . .
Kyle casting

The Catch! Hooray!!
Tate tired after a long day of fishing

Life lessons learned from fishing:
  1. Timing is everything (early am or after dinner)
  2. Location, Location, Location
  3. Be patient, never give up
  4. Fish like real earthworms
  5. The catch will happen when you least expect it
  6. Try, try, and try again
  7. You don't need a lot of practice , experience, or even the best equipment
  8. Cast in your line, and get started

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Karen said...

I love these fishing pictures! so adorable!!!