This Week's To-Do List

In no particular order of importance or priority to get done
1. Record January family expenses, Reanalyze family budget
2. Try to plan Open House for Chris' new office - Call Kimi
3. See if Clearwire cleared our overcharge on billing statement
4. Meals for next week or so, then grocery store
5. Long overdue christmas thank yous
6. Return library items
7. Blog
8. Wipe kids' runny, drippy noses 
9. Check in w/ mom and grandma
10. Costco spend $100, do paperwork for $25 coupon
11. Kids bedrooms - clean


Sara said...

Okay what is this spend $100 at Costco thing? Is there a deal I missed?!

And # 5 reminded me that I never had Tyler send a thank-you note for the awesome power ranger blow-up toy. He loves that thing!

Katie said...

A decorating store nearby "newbury street" offered $100 of free groceries to the store of your choice if you bought $100 of merchandise. I said Great!
Then it turns out you have to buy $100 for 4 months then mail in all this paperwork, receipts, getting it mailed on the right date, etc. Looser program, but gotta do it now.

Thank you for the monkey on the bed game!
Tate loves it the most and they get excited waiting for the bed to pop! We got Tate the same blow up toy, I hope yours works, ours seems to have a hole.
One overdue thank you crossed off. Thanks Sara

Sara said...

Oh I see. Heck, it may be annoying but at least you're getting free stuff! I heard Newbury Street closed- or is closing?

Cathy said...

Thanks for the reminder on the Grocery voucher thing. I did it too (pretty tricky to make me think I was going to get $100 right before Christmas!). I totally spaced getting my receipts in for January! I'm going to send them in late and hope that they'll accept them! I'm glad you reminded me!

Yes, Newbury closed Jan 10th. Very sad.