I love Nate and Peter, I hate Peter and Nate

I love getting home organization and decor tips from Nate and Peter.
When they are on tv, I get excited to pick up a tip or two.
They inspire me.
I've even written a Nate and Peter post.

This is Nate.
This is Peter.

They both have books, websites, and are often on tv.
They work with people/families/housewives if they have a cluttered room or area.
They will garbage, junk, educate and teach the how-to's of taking care of your spaces.
Then they will also organize and decorate the space.
It's beautiful every time. 
Tear jerking.

I love it.

I hate it.

I love it, because I agree with everything they say.
"Throw it out. Toss this.
You don't need this.
Make your bed.
Love your home.
Bring nature in.

I hate it, because I always feel terrible after listening to them.
I will never win the opportunity for them to organize my home.
I will not be on tv with them for the room redo giveaway!

Even if I'm so lucky, on my own, to organize 1 space and dejunk.
I still have 25 million other spaces to organize all around my life and home.
I will never in a million years get to it all.
It's discouraging and it makes me sad.

But then, I thought about Nate and Peter.

They don't have kids of their own or a new baby to take care of round the clock.
(Peter did grow up with lots of siblings, I'll give him that credit.)
They are busy with their jobs and employment, and are not stay-at-home moms.

Our lives are different.
When I realized that, I decided not to hate their talents.

I will be happy with what I do have, and not hate their advice.

I have:
kids & clutter, they go together,
you can't have one without the other
(This is my new poem!)

I will also do better at making my bed, Peter.
I will try to love my home more, Nate.


Ryan said...

Stephanie says: You make me smile!

MollyE said...

I have a plan to make a video to get on Nate's show. I'm sure it wont ever happen.