What's SAVING me right now

After reading this post about what is saving a fellow blogger through winter, I decided to do a similar post. Thinking about the simple, happy things right now is better for me than focusing on what's driving me nuts.

And I am going NUTS, because I'm a 1st time dog owner of a new puppy.
The small things are saving me and keeping me sane right now!

Here's what's SAVING me now:

The Dog Crate:
With having a new puppy inside because of our cold winters;
being able to crate him as needed is saving me BIG right now.
I believe in the dog crate, yes I do. 

I still love blogs over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, news, etc.
I check in on my favorites every morning. It makes me happy. I miss the days when blogs were more popular and more women and moms posted. It was so raw, real, interesting and less profit oriented.
Here's a couple of my favorites right now: dandee - emily - barefoot in the kitchen

I like being able to pray everyday to our Heavenly Father. Sometimes my prayers are quick, with lots of pleadings and requests for help. The other day in Sunday School our teacher reminded us how amazing it is that we can talk and communicate to the Supreme Creator of this universe who is listening to everyone's prayers all over the world - 7.5 billion of us. Our Sunday School teacher asked us if we still believe in prayer after putting it in that context. I do. I do believe that he is hears and answers my prayers and your prayers. That saves me every day, every hour.

Easy Dinner Recipes:
I get tired of my same-o, same-o recipes. I'm sure my family does too. The Six Sisters new cookbook called Dinner Made Easy with six sisters' stuff has saved me this winter. The book has similar ingredients I'm used to using, but just gives me some fresh, new ideas to put dinner on the table. I have loved it and my family has enjoyed the meals. Double Bonus!

Oh how I need good tv and movies with great characters, plots, and acting. It really is my therapy to help me survive this life of mine. Here are some of my favorites this winter and how I watched them: Victoria on the PBS tv app. It's on Sunday nights, but I prefer watching it on the tv app so I can watch it on my own time without kid interruptions. Crown on Netflix. The Lemony Snicket Series on Netflix for my kids. I need good shows for my kids to watch too. That saves me as well.

Sunday Night Treats:
I like to bake a treat on Sunday if possible, maybe this helps be gear up for Monday better. I tried Lemon Buttermilk Sheet Cake last week. I'm hoping to try Vanilla Pudding Cake next. 

Hand Held Milk Frother:
I got this little tool for myself for Christmas and I LOVE it.
I like to microwave milk for about 90 sec. and then add flavored syrup or hot chocolate mix to it.
Then I use my hand held frother, and it makes it all frothy and creamy, and it really does make it taste better. YUM!

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