Happy Birthday Sally!

Random Facts about my sister Sally:
  • She attends BYU-Idaho, and is in her last year
  • She's an elementary ed major
  • She's the primary president in her ward
  • She rides a scooter
  • She was married last November over Thanksgiving in the Portland Temple
  • She's very cute
  • She loves babies
  • She worked at Arby's over the summer, but glad to be done
  • She loves to eat Brownies
  • She's a great piano teacher to children
  • She's the youngest 0f 4 sisters, and has 1 younger brother
  • She grew up in the same house most of her life, which is unique to many of her siblings
  • She is responsible
  • She did well in school on her own, without a lot of parental supervision
  • She was brave and courageous for trying lots of different things in high school; All of her sisters greatly admire her for doing that
  • She has amazing inner strength

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Rebecca said...

Sally, that picture is so adorable of you, I have never seen it, send me a copy!!! Where was it taken, I love the tulips too!!! I hope you had a great day!